Miami police investigate theft of $50,000 French bulldog, $30,000 in puppies

Miami HeraldJanuary 2, 2014 

The stolen puppies’ father, Che, is imported from Russia and was the Westminster Award of Merit winner in 2010. MIAMI HERALD PHOTO

Police are investigating the theft of an award-winning stud and more than a dozen pure-bred puppies from the home of a Miami breeder.

According to Marcelo Cicuta, someone snatched up El Che, a prize French Bulldog whose accolades include a Westminster Kennel Club Award of Merit, and 15 puppies from two separate litters. Cicuta, known in breeding circles by the surname Tuunrat, said none of the puppies is even a month-old yet, a problem because whoever broke into his home left behind the puppies’ two mothers.

“I need help. They need their mothers,” he said.

The puppies are valued at $30,000, according to a police report. Che alone is listed at $50,000.

Cicuta said the break-in at his home on Northwest 47th Terrace happened New Year’s Eve sometime between 7:30 p.m., when he left his home for a party at a friend’s kennel, and 2:30 a.m. when he returned with his mother. He said he immediately noticed the flood light that brightens the front of his home was out, and then saw that a door was ajar and his mother’s bedroom window was open.

El Che, named after the late, controversial Cuban revolutionary, was not there.

“I opened the door and the dog didn’t show. And my light is on. ‘Che’s not here. Che’s not here,’” he remembered saying. “And my mother is screaming in the living room. She said the two litters behind the kitchen are gone.”

Cicuta, 39, said he believes the burglary was committed by someone who used to work for him, because valuables, such as jewelry, a laptop and an iPad, were on a table in plain sight.

In his report, Officer Alberto Bazan noted that whoever took the puppies grabbed a pillow case, likely to carry the animals.

Police are continuing to investigate.

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