Bradenton police to New Year's Eve revelers: Don't shoot your guns

December 31, 2013 

Bradenton police and other local law enforcement have a request this New Year's Eve: Don't celebrate by shooting your guns.

“We want to remind our citizens that it's a crime to discharge a firearm, and such action can also cause serious bodily injury, or death to an innocent bystander, especially in a densely populated area like the city of Bradenton," said police Deputy Chief Warren Merriman.

"When a bullet is fired in the air, it must come down, and when it does it descends at a velocity great enough to penetrate roofs, or metal structures. If you hear gunfire within the city of Bradenton, even if you do not where it came from, we ask that you contact the police department, because other residents may know who committed the criminal act.

Lastly, I strongly encourage our citizens to not discharge their firearms this New Year’s Eve.”

The city of Bradenton Police Department’s Non-Emergency phone number is 941-932-9300.

Sarasota police issued a similar plea.

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