Man charged with beating elderly Bradenton man in speeding case

December 31, 2013 

Leon Rogers, battery on person over 65, $1,500 bond.

MANATEE -- A 19-year-old man has been arrested on charges he helped beat unconscious a 70-year-old man who tried to get them to slow their car down as they rode through his neighborhood last week, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

Leon Rogers is charged with battery on a person over 65, and is being held on $1,500 bond at the Manatee County jail.

"The investigation continues as deputies try to identify other suspects," the sheriff's office said.

James Gorman was pushing his wheelchair-bound wife down the street in the 400 block of 60th Drive West in Pride Park at about 5:30 p.m. Friday, with their granddaughter, 7, on her lap during an afternoon stroll.

"There were children all over," Gorman said a day later. "I stepped out to slow them down."

The front passenger of the car directed a few nasty words at Gorman and then punched him, he said. Trying to defend himself, the elderly man punched him back as the other backseat passenger got out of the car. The three men went on to beat him, kicking him and punching until he lost consciousness.

"They knocked me out, but when I came to, they were pulling away," Gorman said. "My wife had fell out of her wheelchair trying to come and help me."

Rogers, who has a history of arrests on drug, theft and criminal charges, is currently facing a pending charge that he stole a television his stepbrother's father, according to court records. He was out of jail after posting a $1,500 bond in the case.

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