Objections of the few making majority less free

December 31, 2013 

Why or how is this country slowly falling to the beck and call of small minority groups, classes, or individuals? It has been, and should be, that the majority should rule in most cases of public dispute.

It has become where an individual or small groups can affect many people negatively with no trouble whatsoever. Why should many feel the effect of one person or a small group?

I read that a mother of small children who loved to make cookies, and had been doing this for 15 years, made cookies for the school bus driver and the children aboard. Some mother complained, and the school notified the cookie maker that she could no longer give cookies to the children.

So, a bus-load of cookie lovers and the driver had to give up cookies because one person did not like the idea. Why did that mother just tell her child not to accept a cookie? The school should not have made this decision.

Likewise, the controversy over the Duck Dynasty and the Chick-Fil-A affairs, or stopping the celebration of some Christmas traditions, like certain stores telling their employees not to say "Merry Christmas," or others saying you can't put up a Christmas tree or a manger scene here or there. Can't sing a carol with certain words at school.

Is this the "free" America we used to know? It's not the America I knew and grew up with.

This morning I heard where schoolchildren made Christmas cards to send to wounded veterans at a government hospital but the cards were not accepted by hospital staff because they had "Merry Christmas" or God mentioned on the cards. The cards were not allowed to be delivered to the veterans.

This type of discrimination against the majority by a few has to stop.

Bob Teates


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