Nobody will be jailed for rejecting Affordable Health Care coverage

December 30, 2013 

On Dec. 26, the Herald published a very clever poem in Letters to the Editor by Jim Hueberger, headlined, "Here's hoping Obamacare gets the ax next year." The poem describes an IRS tax man coming to his home to take him to jail for not selecting his health insurance policy through the ACA by the required deadline.

I'm assuming the poem was meant to be a satire because it actually has no basis in fact. No one is going to jail for failing to select a health insurance policy or even for failing to pay the required penalty!

First, here are some facts that some people may be unaware of or are choosing to forget. Before "Obamacare" was even a gleam in the eye of the president, both parties, Republicans and Democrats, realized that the health care system was out of control and reforms needed to be made.

Premiums had been skyrocketing every year. The abuses of the insurance companies also included refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions, cancelling the policies of those who developed an expensive disease to treat, charging women more for the same policy as men, and spending an inordinate amount on exorbitant salaries and bonuses for their CEOs and other executives.

The individual mandate does require a penalty or "tax" for those who refuse to comply with the law, but according to the non-partisan fact-checking website,, "failure to pay the penalty might result in the IRS sending you warning letters and deducting the penalty from your future tax refunds (if you have any), but NOT forcibly taking money from your bank account, seizing your house or other property, or throwing you in jail."

Carol Gazell


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