Sen. Marco Rubio proving to be not trustworthy in several ways

December 29, 2013 

I would like to add my thoughts to the Dec. 21 letter by Bill McGrath ("Some curious things about Marco Rubio").

I don't believe Marco Rubio is at all trustworthy. It doesn't surprise me that he signed up for Obamacare. He is a self-serving opportunist. People need to realize he is not here for them.

On the following point I may have misunderstood. It seemed to me when he was campaigning he made much of his family escaping from Cuba. Someone did their homework and discovered his family left before Castro.

Rubio's excuse: He wasn't sure of the year.

Since then I read that he had a huge family reunion. They took over a hotel all on Republican funds and without permission. Just lately, a commentator said Rubio took Republican funds without permission to refurbish the floors in his home. And they said they didn't think he planned to pay it back until he was discovered.

I am not a fan of Paul Ryan either but he, at least, seems to have integrity.

Doris Scherette


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