Quit political cheerleading, vote for best candidate

December 29, 2013 

It's easy to recognize a citizen who puts the interest of their political affiliation first and our country second. I'm referring to the far left and right.

They don't care about the quality of the candidate, their strengths, experience, knowledge, goals, background or accomplishments as long as their candidate is elected. It's similar to cheering for your favorite sports team only this is the real world.

A prime example is the Dec. 24 letter from Katherine McDonald, "GOP failing to assist American people." She says the stock market is over 17,000 so everything is wonderful. If the president and Federal Reserve stopped printing billions of dollars monthly, the market would drop like a rock.

She says everyone will be covered under the new Obamacare. Really? Tens of millions will lose coverage so. That's not everyone. Premiums will triple and quadruple.

The GOP are no angels but the citizens need answers on Benghazi, Fast and Furious and other failed ventures and the left wants it to go away.

If she believes 2008 was a disaster, watch 2016 with a $20 trillion debt because that's where we're headed. It's more than all previous presidents combined.

Our White House is occupied by an inexperienced leftist. The Senate is run by an out-of-touch Democrat and the House is run by clueless GOP Speaker John Boehner. Most of them need to be sent packing.

It's inexcusable to elect these types of candidates again. Start voting for honest candidates with your interest first and foremost in their message. I want people to stop cheerleading, do your home work and vote for the best candidate, left or right while we still have a country.

Robert Sally

Lakewood Ranch

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