Public records, Dec. 28, 2013

December 28, 2013 



The following parents are proud to announce the births of their babies:

Manatee Memorial Hospital

Kaleta, Ava Rose, a girl to Jennier R. and Shawn T. Kaleta, Anna Maria, Dec. 3, 2013

Torres, Jhoanely, a girl to Maria E. Dominguez Flores and Octavio Torres-Cardenas, Palmetto, Dec. 13, 2013


These couples applied for marriage licenses in Manatee County:

Wednesday, DEC. 18, 2013

Joshua Allen Lunn and Jennifer Renee Coates

Franklin David Sturkey and Deanna Susan Snyder

Curtis Gene Hamilton and Carlyd San Jose Concepcion

Raul Salomon Mejia Garcia and Ana Patricias Nunes Mendez

Elie Jude Michelin and Julie Dorce

Holley Wade Hayes and Margie Lee Jones

Thursday, DEC. 19, 2013

Brian Geechong Ng and Jeanette Brutica Pent

James Christopher Miller and Nicol Leigh Scholer

Timothy Allen Beasley and Jessica Paige Hartshorn

Desmond Gilbert Cabrera and Lauren Chase Smith

Henry Jan Evert Joona and Susanne Hildegard Crone

Christopher Vincent Arrigo and Brittany Lynn Carrubba

Friday, DEC. 20, 2013

Christopher James Circharo and Brittany Glennis Nelms

James Howard Natthews and Stacie Alane Wilt

Axel Trampusch and Maude Struver

Richard William Glynn and Tammy Sue Gibson-Kirby

John Louis Travis and Barbara Elizabeth Handley

Thomas Clinton Wilson and Cynthia Ann Brett

Jose Medina and Karina Garcia Panchi

Karloss Mettelus and Brittane Cierra Hunter

Monday, DEC. 23, 2013

Kevin Joseph Curlett and Cassandra Mae Borchert

Charles William Brown and Wendy Joy Dimeo

Hugh Colin Templeton Tomlinson Baillie and Danielle Sloan

Thomas Raymond Morlock and Tanya Hill Boyd

James Michael Gillum Jr. and Aracely Hernandez

Pascal Hamann and Kathrin Fehlhaber

Samuel Veda Raj Dasari and Rebekah Gail Brightbill

Michael Howard Olmstead Jr. and Shannon Marie Grinstead

Leo John Deistler Jr. and Beverly Malone Burton

Danial Patrick Cox and Elizabeth Jessica Courtney Chestnut

James Joseph Quinn Sr. and Doris Elaine Shapiro

Nicholas Martin Haga and Linda Lou Ensminger

Michael Addison Gulla and Linda Leigh Loren

Tuesday, DEC. 24, 2013

No records.


These couples filed for divorce in Manatee County:

Wednesday, DEC. 18, 2013

Blake Peavy and Brittany Elizabeth Peavy

Shawn Voy and Michele Voy

Mark Steven Ritchey and Edda Liana Ritchey

Thursday, DEC. 19, 2013

Aaron Scott Kiernan and Vanya Renee Kiernan

Angelo Dipasquale and Sandra Dipasquale

Andrew Leslie Gould and Elizabeth Gould

WIlliam D. Thompson and Catherine S. Thompson

John A. Pace and Kim L. Pace

Friday, DEC. 20, 2013

Charles William Cardillo and Christina Marie Cardillo

Cihangir Yasavur and Sharon Jean Yasavur

Jackson Gore and Marilyn Gore

Diego Moralez and Raquel Garay

Monday, DEC. 23, 2013

No records.

Tuesday, DEC. 24, 2013

No records.


The following civil suits were filed in Manatee County Circuit Court:

Wednesday, DEC. 18, 2013

Felipa Freire vs. Peter Joeken (auto negligence)

Amanda Waugh et al vs. Diane H. Kramer et al (auto negligence)

CItimortgage Inc. vs. Tom R. Jones et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of America NA vs. Leah Gibbons et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Kelly Wilson et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Cole Taylor Bank vs. Valerie K. Rangel (mortgage foreclosure)

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. Carol L. Olen et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA as trustee vs. Timothy G. Miller et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Thursday, DEC. 19, 2013

Lucille M. Hunter vs. Charles C. McLaughlin et al (auto negligence)

Jennifer Mencinsky vs. Maria Johnson (auto negligence)

Jami Pagan vs. Geico General Insurance Company (auto negligence)

Jim Casey vs. Red Hoagland Pontiac GMC Inc. (negligence)

Roundbank vs. Harry S. Crupmp et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wayne E. Lensert et al vs. Christine McCullough Schmidt et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Provident Funding Associates LP vs. Paul Deleo et al (mortgage foreclosure)

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs. Terry R. Depaola et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Lori L. Hunter et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Friday, DEC. 20, 2013

Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Oak Trail Condominium Association Inc. (contract and indebtedness)

Robert Bolus et al vs. Medallion Homes Gulf Coast LC et al (contract and indebtedness)

Dontre Lash Shiron Campbell vs. Virginia Gartman Keever et al (auto negligence)

Onewest Bank FSB vs. Michelle L. Walker et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC vs. Charles L. Belford et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank Trust NA vs. Massimo Veneroso et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of New York Mellon vs. Alvin A. Goldstein et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bankunited NA vs. Charles Fradley IV et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Bank of New York Mellon vs. Jacqueline Wright et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Monday, DEC. 23, 2013

RH Holdings Bradenton LLC vs. Paradis Reef SFL Inc. et al (contract and indebtedness)

Sandra McKee vs. Patricia Wilson (auto negligence)

Estate of Lottie W. Cooper vs. Bradenton Council on Aging LLC (negligence)

JPMorgan Chase BankNA vs. Estate of Walter HUghes aka Walter Robert Hughes et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of Cleveland vs. Jose L. Solana et al (mortgage foreclosure)

US Bank NA vs. Lauri S. Mailloux et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Onewest Bank FSB vs. Arlene M. Ryan et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA et al vs. David Randall Kemplin et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. John L. Tomin et al (mortgage foreclosure)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. John W. Masi Jr. (mortgage foreclosure)

Tuesday, DEC. 24, 2013

No records.

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