Manatee County school district investigating wrong issues

December 27, 2013 


A 264-page investigation into a $10,500 contract has resulted in proposed suspensions for Bob Gagnon and Joe Kinnan even though Manatee County schools Superintendent Rick Mills, Gagnon, Kinnan and current Manatee High principal Don Sauer signed the agreement.

There was total transparency in the agreement, yet only Kinnan and Gagnon are reprimanded. Hmmm?

When does the investigation begin in regard to the mismanagement of school district funds relative to the recent audit by the state auditor general? I wonder how many pages that investigation would take. Probably tens of thousands, since we are talking approximately $9 million in questionable spending as well as $728,000 that was not returned to the state.

Where is the oversight there?

To quote the school board chairwoman, "The rules are there for a good reason, and we ignored that and went right into a deficit situation."

It seems Mills needs to assess his priorities and quit picking on two honorable men and start focusing his attention on the bigger picture. Like hiring competent professionals who can count.

Tim McGonegal is gone. So you can stop blaming him.

Terry West


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