GOP failing to assist American people

December 24, 2013 

The stock market is over 16,000; unemployment is down; more and more jobs are finally opening up; medical coverage for all (even with all the millions spent to talk against it); diplomacy with Iran.

Yet according to people who support the Republican Party, President Obama has accomplished nothing. Why is that? Why do Republicans talk about only negative things? Why do Republicans not care enough about America and Americans to offer any help to make our country better?

Not one Republican has ever done anything to assist the American people in trying to get the ACA to work 100 percent for them. All the wasted money spent against ACA could have been, should have been, spent on getting our highways and infrastructure back in order.

Republicans worry about Benghazi, where our Ambassador Stephens and three security members were killed in an outpost in Libya. Where were the Republicans when 9/11 happened with over 4,000 people killed on American soil because the Bush administration did not take the threats seriously.

Why do Republicans love to blame average Americans who are collecting Social Security and using Medicare (something they worked their whole lives for) for our economic woes, when Republicans have no problem with oil subsidies, needless wars, corporate welfare, low taxes on corporations and the wealthy, subsidies to sitting Republican representatives (a total of 19) through the Farm Bill and then turn around and chop $40 million from the SNAP program (food stamps), which is part of the Farm Bill, wanting less and less regulations on the banking industry and Wall Street so they can bring us right back to 2008 when our great country was on its knees.

Why do Republican voters not see that the majority of our economic problems are self made?

Katherine J. McDonald


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