FPL: No rate increase for emissions project in offing

December 22, 2013 

In response to "FPL to pitch PSC on emissions charge increase," Bradenton Herald, Dec. 16, 2013:

At FPL, we have long operated one of the cleanest power plant fleets in the nation. We work hard to ensure our system complies with changes in state and federal environmental requirements, all the while keeping our typical customer's electric bill the lowest in the state and more than 25 percent below the national average.

As the Herald correctly reported, FPL has been working to ensure compliance with a newly implemented federal emissions standard. This new standard affects the operation of specific quick-start generating turbines that are essential to providing reliable service in times of very high customer demand for electricity.

Unfortunately, the newspaper incorrectly suggested that this effort means an imminent rate increase for our customers. That is simply not true. Based on the Public Service Commission's recent decision, this environmental compliance project will have no impact on customer bills until 2015 at the very earliest.

Right now, we are preparing to conduct air-quality monitoring for the emissions impact of the turbines as requested by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This process will take at least a few months or possibly more than one year. Once we have the results, we expect to be able to determine the appropriate path forward. In any event, we expect that any future impact to a typical customer's monthly bill will be relatively minimal.

In closing, we want to assure our customers that we remain committed to delivering them an unrivaled combination of clean power and reliable service, while at the same time, keeping their electric bills lower than the national average and the lowest in Florida.

Randall LaBauve

Vice President, Environmental Services

Florida Power & Light Company

Juno Beach

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