Tea Party movement is not funded by billionaires

December 22, 2013 

I am writing in response to Myra Jones' Dec. 17 letter. In the letter Ms. Jones states "Remember, the Tea Party is not a grass-roots organization. It was organized and funded largely by ALEC, a conservative think tank controlled by billionaire Koch brothers."

Dear Ms. Jones: I have been a Tea Party leader and activist for five-plus years now. I am very well connected to my fellow Tea Party leaders across the state and I can tell you for a fact that the Tea Party is not funded by any billionaires. We often wonder where the true conservative people of means are because they, for the most part, offer no help to the movement.

This left-wing allusion is just that ... an allusion.

The Koch brothers are involved with a large national organization that has a paid staff but the Tea Party is made up of many small groups of regular citizens who donate their time and often their own money. Many of them are struggling financially due to the progressive policies of this administration.

We do, however, envy the paid organizers on the left -- often paid with taxpayer dollars by "non-partisan" nonprofits, like ACORN. The number of left-wing nonprofits is staggering while on the right we have but a small handful.

But truth, decency and freedom are more powerful than perversion and a big, centralized government. I will proudly stand with my Tea Party friends any day, regardless of the repeated attacks on our character and values.

Chrissy Blevio


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