Uproar over NORAD jets with Santa's sleigh is nonsense

December 20, 2013 

I could not believe when I read about the outcry concerning NORAD tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! Have we all gone berserk? It is time for all of us who have sat back and watched all of the politically correct nonsense take back our lives.

I remember as a kid how I marveled at watching the tracking of Santa in real time and how we rushed off to bed as he approached our house.

To say that having fighter jets accompany the Jolly Old Soul injects militarism into the event is completely out of control.

These people have way too much time on their hands and should leave us, who are tired of Happy Holidays and no manger scenes, free to enjoy Christmas and allow one of the great marvels of childhood to be rushing to bed as Santa approaches -- yes, escorted by the only ones who can keep him safe.

So, Merry Christmas ... to everyone.

Edward St. James


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