Liberal Soros outspends conservative Kochs by far

December 20, 2013 

Ms. Myra Jones has criticized the Koch brothers for their contributions to the Tea Party movement and its formation (Letters, "Tea Party manipulated by Koch brothers' agenda," Dec. 17).

Ms. Jones neglects to mention that the conservative Koch brothers are outspent by the contributions to the radical left by George Soros by a factor of more than 25 to 1! More than 200 leftist groups have reportedly been founded by or supported by Mr. Soros.

One should also consider that the Tea Party movement was formed in an attempt to restore the country to the law of the Constitution. This is very much in contrast to Mr. Soros' hope to eliminate the Constitution and continue on with the march of the country to a Marxist dictatorship. I am sorry to say that he has been quite successful in this endeavor.

Peter Stasiowski


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