Bradenton's Manatee High School not teaching personal responsibility

December 18, 2013 

As a retired teacher I am in awe of the deceit, lies, misdirection, and mystery that surrounds life at Manatee High School. First the assistant football coach and the allegations by female students; now the baseball scandal that involves, it seems, several present or past employees of the school.

Should we not be teaching these kids to read instead of diverting funds to athletic programs without knowledge of all the staff?

From the information in the Herald article in Tuesday's paper, it seems as though it is time for Mr. Joe Kinnan to retire with a thank you for your long service, and several others also. There has to be a point where the turnover of all involved in the past couple of years be completed. This staff is not teaching the kids at the school to take "responsibility" for their actions in life.

Michael Hicks


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