Lee Middle School student charged with stabbing two classmates

Herald staff writersDecember 17, 2013 

MANATEE -- A 13-year-old Lee Middle School student was taken into custody Monday for two counts of aggravated battery after stabbing two students in his art class.

Randy Warren, Manatee County Sheriff's Office spokesman, said a male student stabbed one classmate in the neck and another classmate in the hand with scissors about 2:30 p.m.

The incident occurred in a Lee Middle School classroom at 4000 53rd Ave. W. in Bradenton.

Sheriff Brad Steube said in a press release the student cut on the hand was trying to intervene. He said it is not clear what prompted the attack.

Warren said the student ran from school pursued by a school resource deputy. He was arrested in a nearby parking lot.

Principal Scot Boice of Lee Middle School said the victims received medical attention for minor injuries and will also receive counseling.

"As far as I know, both victims are seeing a counselor and were looked at by EMS," Boice said. "They have been released to their parents. We will check on them again tomorrow."

A counselor met with the class after the incident Monday. Boice said he also sent a letter home for parents with each student.

"This is unfortunate," Boice said. "This is an extremely unusual situation. We have outstanding students here so we should focus on the pos

itive, too."

A counselor will revisit the art class this week, but Boice said there are no plans to eliminate scissors from the classroom.

"I'm sure the teacher was following all the rules for safety at the time," Boice said. "If teachers are giving appropriate instructions, we will still have scissors."

Boice said the district will continue to follow procedures regarding the student taken into custody for the incident.

"I can't give details on that," Boice said.

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