BPD officers team to solve at least one burglary

December 15, 2013 

BRADENTON — Two Bradenton Police Department lawmen reportedly teamed Saturday to solve at least one burglary.

BPD Officer Johnathan Then was patrolling the Page project area, 1201 26th St. E., Bradenton, at 5:45 p.m. while Detective Freddy Ordonez was listening to radio traffic from Then and others.

Then reportedly saw a person he remembered had been banned from the area. Upon stopping the person, Then confirmed the Bradenton Police Department had issued a “trespass warning” to the detainee.

Ordonez reportedly told Then the person he stopped was a suspect in a number of area burglaries. Then arrest the suspect for trespassing after warning, according to the report.

Ordonez did the follow-up interview in which the subject reportedly confessed to one burglary and gave information for other burglaries in the area.

“It was good teamwork,” said Capt. William Fowler. “Officer Then was being proactive.”

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