Stoneybrook homeowners warned on efforts by CDD

December 14, 2013 

Homeowners in Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour should be aware that a government takeover of their homeowners association is being attempted by the Heritage Harbour South Community Development District.

The Stoneybrook HOA, under developer control, has provided excellent service to homeowners at reasonable fees. Many homeowners have served on committees to make Stoneybrook an attractive, enjoyable place to live.

The CDD, a government agency, also worked effectively and separately until a group with its own agenda became the majority on the Board of Supervisors in 2012. They hired a management company that shares their inability to recognize the difference between a government agency and a private, not-for-profit corporation (the HOA).

The CDD consistently tries to get the HOA to provide services that should be paid with CDD funds. The CDD has proposed oversight by its supervisors of HOA committees and staff. A greatly expanded agreement has been proposed, requiring the HOA to maintain and operate most CDD assets, with all costs paid by the HOA. Supervisors persist in trying to meet in the HOA's recreation center, despite rules prohibiting meetings announced to the public.

The HOA is not an arm of the CDD. Homeowners should tell CDD officials that the CDD must pay its own way. The CDD needs an honest budget reflecting its true expenses instead of passing massive costs to the HOA.

On Jan. 2, the developer will turn Stoneybrook over to the homeowners. Some CDD supervisors actively supported a group trying to expedite turnover. Spouses of two CDD supervisors are candidates for the HOA's Board of Directors. The CDD chairperson sends emails concerning the election to homeowners. Clearly the attempted takeover of the HOA by the CDD will continue if this group gains power in the HOA election.

Gene and Barbara Aulenbach


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