Palmetto fire captain sets noble goal to help others

December 11, 2013 

I'd like to share a charitable Christmas wish by Fire Capt. Matt Plank of the North River Fire District in Palmetto. This is a feel-good seasonal piece that people will enjoy reading about, and is worth spreading:

So I asked my friend Matt Plank if there was anything in particular that he wanted for Christmas this year. He thought about it for a few seconds, looked at me, and in a sincere, almost embarrassed tone said, "You know... I really have everything I need. I have a good job. If I feel strongly about something I like, I'll usually just get it if I can. I don't really want for anything.

"Also, I've really been feeling it lately, just how... commercialized the holiday season has become. I was thinking, this year, of asking my friends to just donate some money to some charity, whichever one they like. I think that would be better, and more in keeping the true spirit of the season."

I was really moved. It was an honest statement from the heart, that captured what we have all felt at some point, in an expression of true nobility. I will be donating $50 to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, with a dedication to Capt. Matt Plank of the North River Fire District, Palmetto.

Join me in honoring this fire captain's selfless Christmas wish. Please share this message to spread the word. Then post in the comments the amount of your donation (should you choose to do so), along with the charity you selected. Any amount, big or small. It all makes a difference. Thank you. Bless you. Let's see how big of a Christmas gift we can collectively give this year.

David Billingsley


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