Why are gas prices higher in Manatee County than elsewhere?

December 5, 2013 

I recently returned from a road trip to Atlanta. We started out the day before Thanksgiving, returning on Sunday.

As I read the newspapers that were waiting for me when I returned I saw the articles on gas prices. Having filled the tank several times during the course of the trip, I feel I am somewhat of an expert.

When we left Bradenton, my tank was half full. I refused to fill up in Manatee County as gas prices were $3.49, $3.48 and $3.52. I did get gas in Brandon for $3.33 at Costco.

As we traveled north prices kept going down. Our next price for regular gas was $3.29. When we got into Tucker, Ga., the price of gas was $3.13-$3.25, but mostly around $3.15. Big difference!

Upon our return, the farther south we went the higher the gas prices. In the counties north of us the gas prices were around $3.29. Here, in Manatee County, the prices were $3.52, $3.48 and $3.45.

Why the big difference? I buy my gas in counties other than Manatee whenever I can. I just talked with my sister. Gas prices are now at $3.05 near Atlanta. Really? I never say this but, "Why not us?" No, really ... why?

Candy Chorman


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