Affordable Care Act yet another government error

December 4, 2013 

Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service consistently operate in the red. There is no part of this government that operates with any degree of efficiency.

Look at the Department of Energy and you realize the billions wasted with no results (thank you, Jimmy Carter) and every bloated agency is consistently over budget. The unions get a pass on Obamacare but the middle class are overcharged while the lower income folks get a free ride.

Let's not forget QE numbers 1, 2 and on. Throwing the stockholders of General Motors under the bus but holding the unions harmless when GM should have gone bankrupt was crazy. Paying an Italian company (Fiat) to buy Chrysler was typical socialist thinking.

And look at the last five years of scandals, lies and "misrepresentations" in Benghazi, IRS, GSA, Fast and Furious, Census scandal, to mention a few. The fraud and waste in most every department would be considered criminal in the private sector.

These lifetime politicians can't run the government efficiently yet they chose to interfere in the way small businesses operate.

The majority of Americans believe we need term limits and tax reform much like a fair or flat tax but no one is listening in Washington. Let's see, the bureaucrats can't efficiently run a two-car parade and you want them to manage your healthcare?

The government has a terrible record governing and, worse, regulating, but ACA actually solves many problems from which this country suffers. It took me nearly three years to understand the purpose of Obamacare. With fewer doctors and hospitals, our chances of surviving beyond 66 aren't very good; that, my friend, solves the Social Security and Medicare problem.

Frank Eldridge

Palma Sola

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