Landmark hotel's rebirth a boon to downtown Bradenton

December 4, 2013 

Welcome to our handsomely refurbished hotel, the Hampton Inn & Suites.

Every morning for the past five years I have lived in Bradenton, as I approached the intersection of Third Avenue and Ninth Street, I have been confronted with the view of an old, disintegrating hotel, obviously empty of visitors for many years.

I often wondered about the building's history and felt sorrow for its unhappy appearance. It's sad eyes projected a mournful state of loss of past status, beauty, and visitors. I kept hoping that, someday, some kind person or group of people would decide to renovate the building to its former grand condition.

When I read in the paper that the building was really going to be refurbished, I was delighted and watched, sometimes impatiently, for things to begin to happen. Then, one day, the good news was printed in the Herald: Things finally did begin to occur.

I watched the activities every day, impatient to see the results of many months of work.

Now, each time I approach the intersection, I behold a happy building's smiling face, dreaming of past successes and future triumphs. I am almost brought to tears of happiness for this fine, old edifice, which will begin to emulate its past glories.

To all of those people responsible for this triumph, I offer my sincere congratulations and deepest gratitude for reinstating this building to its former beauty -- which will prove to be an outstanding addition to our neighborhood and a fine companion to our wonderful, new Riverwalk and Manatee Performing Arts Center.

Jane E. Carey


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