Ellenton's Colony Cove designed for golf cart use; sheriff's office wrong

December 3, 2013 

I have lived in Colony Cove for over 20 years and using our golf carts has always been the way to travel in this area. These homes are sold with that intent.

Unfortunately we have a small group of people who belong to a big club in the park that have been on a campaign to destroy our golf cart club. They have made bogus reports about golf cart incidents to the sheriff's department. The whole thing is child's play.

When MSCO spokesman Dave Bristow says that the golf carts are dangerous, he needs to back up what he says with proof. And by proof I mean the actual written reports of accidents or incidents. He refuses to give that out and it is public information. We have had two accidents here in the park and the cars were at fault.

In Ellenton, U.S. 301 has a bike path along the highway. We have 8-foot sidewalks made for golf carts. We have approved crossing signals. We have barely anyone out walking on these sidewalks. Most of the golf cart people have insurance and are very careful traveling along the sidewalk.

Mr. Bristow stated that trucks turning had a problem with golf carts. What? A golf cart should be no more problem than a person crossing the street. If you can't see a golf cart, what will you do if it is a person?

He also stated that they were on a public education campaign. I haven't seen any public education campaign.

I'd like to see the sheriff's department going after real crime. No, instead they can come out and harass seniors who live by the rules and have no other transportation due to circumstances and this is how they treat us.

Our golf carts are no more dangerous than people walking and even less dangerous than bicycles or mopeds.

Doris Harvey


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