Economic 'recovery' under liberal policies a disaster

December 3, 2013 

Over the past few weeks, liberal letter writers have accused Republicans and Tea Party activists of everything from treason to economic terrorism.

The reality being ignored by liberals and a compliant, biased press is that America is far worse off in every major economic category than it was before Obama took office. The tragedy of this circumstance is that the very people that Obama policies are purported to help are suffering the most.

Consider this: From the June 2009 "recovery" to June 2013, median black household income fell more than $4,000. Female-headed households income dipped $2,300 and Hispanics dropped $2,000.

Middle-class Americans are not exempt. In the same period, median income dropped 4.3 percent from $54,478 to $52,089. The number of people in poverty has risen 16.7 percent, those who have dropped out of the labor force is up 10.7 percent and the number of unemployed workers has jumped a whopping 52 percent while the number of part-time job-holders has skyrocketed to 62 percent. During this "recovery" the number of people on food stamps has gone up by 49.2 percent. (sources:CNS news, Bureau of Labor Statistics)

This cannot be interpreted in any way except as a disaster. Yet liberals never mention it because it reflects the abject failures of the socialist policies in which they are so deeply invested.

In a moment of unintentional truth, Jimmy Carter recently said that the disparity between rich and poor was twice as much now as when he was in office, and "the middle class has now become more like poor people than they were 30 years ago."

How's that for a ringing endorsement of socialism?

Donald Doherty


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