Property owners, not gun owners, liable in shootings

December 2, 2013 

In reference to Local/Business news article entitled "Warrant says Zimmerman had 5 guns when arrested," the Associated Press left out one glaring omission.

Florida is among the states that shifts firearms liability from gun owners to property owners. Since 2008, violent firearms incidents in the U.S. have increased 19 percent to over 499,000.

Florida legislators are under the mistaken belief property owners should remain cumulatively liable to fund firearm incidents, including an array of expenditures in the nationally publicized Trayvon Martin case.

Liability sharing of the $174 billion tab for violent firearms incidents among property taxpayers precludes guns from seldom being scrapped. Currently 8.4 million shared liability firearms sold in the U.S. have risen the total to about 310 million.

So long as legislators continue to hold property taxpayers collectively liable for firearm incidents, gun violence will continue unabated, as evidenced recently on Bay News 9 by a 2-year-old killing himself as well as a mother killing her daughter while holding her grandson.

All of the combined remedial legal remedies, including background checks, have failed to reduce the annual firearms death toll, currently in the vicinity of 32,000. Expect the upward spiral in firearms violence and remediation expenditures to continue so long as public officials require property owners to assume full financial liability for firearms incidents rather than gun owners.

Kent Greene


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