Wrong to blame 'leftists' for JFK assassination

December 2, 2013 

Replying to Steve Tiona's letter of Nov. 28, "Leftist's rewriting history of JKF's death is ridiculous," I have not heard "leftists" blaming JKF's assassination on the extreme right and the Tea Party as he claims.

Simply because a single letter to the editor suggested this does not mean it represents the views of all "leftists", and that they are trying to rewrite history.

First of all, the Tea Party did not even exist in 1963, so that assertion is ludicrous. Second, most people, both of the left and right, believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president. The controversy centers on the question of whether he acted alone.

There is no doubt that Oswald was a communist who spent some time in the Soviet Union and also tried to get into Cuba as well, but could not get clearance.

However, after reading the entire Warren Commission Report, which was the official investigation into the assassination, I had doubts about whether Oswald actually acted alone. Apparently, recent polls have shown that the majority of Americans also have doubts about whether we were told the entire story.

Some people who were present at the scene swore they heard shots and saw puffs of smoke coming from the grassy knoll across the street from where Oswald fired his shots.

Others claim that the government did not want to entertain the possibility that the Soviet Union or Cuba were involved for fear it would lead to war. Some believe the Mafia was involved since Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald, had ties to this group which was angry at Robert Kennedy for his intensive investigations of them at the time. There are many conspiracy theories, but of all of them, I have not seen "leftists" trying to rewrite history by blaming the extreme right or the Tea Party for Kennedy's death.

Carol Gazell


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