Sheriff: Bradenton man charged with attempted murder after firing shotgun into house

HERALD STAFF REPORTNovember 30, 2013 


MANATEE -- A man kicked out of a gathering at his next-door neighbor's house returned with a shotgun, which he fired several times -- including once through a window and into a room where several people were sitting, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

After a brief standoff early Friday back at his house, in the 7800 block of 40th Avenue West, Joshua P. Gennell was arrested.

Gennell faces numerous charges, including two counts of attempted murder.

The incident started about 12:30 a.m., when Gennell, who had been drinking, was kicked out of the party at his next-door neighbor's, according to a news release.

A short time later, Gennell fired a shotgun into the air outside, according to the report.

A man at the party went outside to ask Gennell what he was doing, and he responded by pointing the shotgun at him and another man from the party. Gennell fired the weapon, and the men ran away, according to the sheriff's office.

"Gennell then walked to the side of the victim's house and discharged another round into (the) residence through a window in the living room where everyone was sitting," the news release states. The slug traveled through a living room window, through a TV, and into an air conditioner.

"Sitting in the living room next to the TV were the other six victims including an 11-month old child," the release states.

No one was injured.

Gennell's brother then came outside, took the weapon and hid it from Gennell in the bathroom of their house, according to the report.

Responding deputies surrounded Gennell's residence, and contact was made with the Gennell brothers.

They complied with an order to go outside and they

were detained. During a search of the house, deputies found the shotgun with a live round in the chamber, according to authorities.

Deputies also found several shotgun shells on the ground outside the house. "While sitting in the patrol vehicle, Gennell was screaming he was going to kill everyone in the house and he didn't care what happened to him," the report states. After he was arrested and while Gennell was in the back of patrol vehicle, he became verbally abusive and spit on a deputy. He also tried to remove his handcuffs from behind his back, according to the sheriff's office.

"Deputies opened the patrol vehicle door in an attempt to secure Gennell's handcuffs. Gennell rushed the door and ran past the deputies in an attempt to flee from lawful custody," the report states. "Gennell was taken to the ground and secured."

Gennell was taken to the Manatee County jail.

He faces two counts of attempted murder, six counts of shooting a gun into a building one count each of battery on an officer, escape and criminal mischief.

He was being held without bond at the jail.

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