On the contrary, Tea Party continues to gain strength

November 29, 2013 

Linkage between the brutal and public assassination of a U.S. president 50 years ago and today's Tea Party electioneering is so farfetched it defies every test of comparison I can imagine!

Yet, Mr. Robert Phillipoff's letter in the Nov. 22 Friday's Herald dramatically, even desperately, makes the attempt to persuade readers who vote to elect Democrats in response to that murder.

What's his opinion? Kennedy's assassination was encouraged and supported by the CIA and our military leadership? Republicans planned Kennedy's death? Today's political fiasco and unending strife is a failure of Republican leadership? Democrats in D.C. can fix the country's financial problems if Republicans get out of the way? None of these suppositions are reasonable.

Current CBS polling shows nearly 50 percent public approval for Tea Party goals, and increasing, scores of office-holders of both parties in D.C. are on public record supporting much of the Tea Party agenda.

This background has been ignored and grudgingly reported, if at all, by a very liberal press, aided and abetted by books published by many of these leftist writers. The only possible value in Mr. Phillipoff's opinion is to provoke a determination by Tea Party supporters, like myself, to increase their efforts to return Republicans to office in future elections.

Richard Evanson


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