Idea for new political party looks like a current one

November 27, 2013 

We need to start a new political party. Its motto will be: "To do the most good for the most people" and "Ask and you shall receive."

Let's look at healthcare. We don't need the Affordable Care Act; we'll just pass a law (or issue an executive order) that says any American can get whatever healthcare they need from any medical doctor or nurse, and just charge it to the federal government.

For immigration, we just let any immigrant present in America sign up at the Post Office for citizenship; that'll be great for employers since there'll be scads of workers.

We will do away with debt limits; they are unnecessary since whatever is signed into law must be paid for. Our entitlements will do just fine - we'll have the Fed print enough money to fund them all.

Our administrations will be the most transparent, bar none. Period (wink, wink).

"The buck stops here" was fine for Truman, but not for us. First, our presidents won't be told anything since they have numerous underlings to solve any issues that come up. So, it would be pointless to ask our presidents anything since they are not accountable, the underlings are. If they are smart, the underlings also will not be told anything, so they are not accountable. Ad infinitum.

If we ever have unemployment, which is highly doubtful, we'll authorize unlimited unemployment benefits for as long as anyone needs. Rest assured that you will have a benevolent government! WPA was so inadequate.

Oh, its name? The Democrat-Socialist Party. Any resemblance to parties living or dead is purely coincidental (wink, wink).

Roger Grossel

Lakewood Ranch

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