Manatee County crack down on pills mills working fine

November 25, 2013 

Response to Paul Sloan, owner of a pain treatment center (Letters, "Manatee pain pill ordinance too harmful," Nov. 20):

He ends his letter "The saddest part is that no one is truly safer." On this final statement let me shout not true! Here are some of the very latest statistics provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Coroners offices must test and report "Drugs Identified in Deceased Persons" and look at these numbers.

In 2012 deaths caused by oxycodone plunged 41 percent -- 41 percent in one year. We no longer see long lines of out-of-staters wrapping around newly popped up "offices."

Yes, one county may do things a little different than another county to regulate in their jurisdiction; yes, perhaps someone will pick up a new scourge, like heroin or meth, because the pills are harder to get; yes, that's awful.

But the fact that the pill mills, where an immoral doctor can lend his license and prescribe legal drugs and only accept cash -- no checks, credit cards, Medicaid, health plans (funny that's precisely how illegal drug dealers operate), are closed down is a testament to the authorities seeing a problem and passing laws and guidelines in a good attempt to fix that problem.

Scott B. Scoville


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