Wrong to criticize conservatives for past presidents

November 25, 2013 

In response to Mr. Rick Lewis of Bradenton (Letters, "Republicans ignore inconvenient facts," Nov. 15):

I have read your commentary and would like to offer a response although I have not read any of the previous letters that have been written.

The performance of previous presidents has nothing to do with the performance of the current president. The president still lied and defrauded millions of American people out of healthcare coverage and he knew it was going to happen. What the right is doing and what you should be doing also is attacking bad policy, bad behavior, deceit, and incompetence. President Obama is not a good president because George W. Bush was a bad one.

You need to research the deficit statement as I am sure it is false. If it is true, why did we have to increase the debt ceiling?

If our country is based on religious freedom as you say, then these Christians you are railing on have as much right to be wrong in their beliefs as you do. You have not discussed any issue. If you have an issue, then state and discuss the issue. Railing on "Christians" in general is bigotry. Attacking an argument based on the sentiment of a group of people does not negate the argument.

Address the facts and leave the railing of certain groups out of the discussion.

Paul Sundberg


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