Affordable Care Act proving to be disaster

November 25, 2013 

President Obama "fumbled the rollout?"

Sorry, you fumbled the entire Affordable Care Act. You imposed a deadline for passage (what was the big hurry?). You bribed senators and representatives to vote for the act by giving benefits to their respective states.

Nancy Pelosi even said "You have to vote for the bill to find out what is in it." Did either President Obama or Nancy Pelosi know what was in it?! Oh yes, and when they did find out what was in it, they exempted themselves from it! Maybe Congress should pass a law that they have to read bills before they vote!

But the all-knowing, all-seeing wizards in Washington decided that the 60 percent of the American citizens that did not want this bill passed didn't know what was good for them. Looking at the waste and fraud with other government programs, how dare we think the government cannot run this program properly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Anyone with half a brain would know that it could not support itself unless everyone is forced into the exchange.

How do they do that? By finding a reason to cancel policies outside the exchange. If the policies in the exchange were going to be so good, citizens would have flocked to them without having their policies cancelled.

No one has even mentioned the health care professionals. Our entire health care system is in turmoil.

Yes, the government should have helped those citizens without health insurance, but it should have been done by starting with that group only. They could have regulated the insurance companies.

We were warned when this bill was passed in 2010 that it was going to get nasty in the next three to five years. Was anyone listening? Obamacare needs major overhauls!

Judy Jacobs


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