Wild holiday weather ride predicted for Manatee County

rdymond@bradenton.comNovember 24, 2013 

MANATEE — Manatee County will experience radical weather swings between Monday and Black Friday, if forecasters are correct.

The National Weather Service in Ruskin and Bay News 9 are calling for a warm front Monday to bring afternoon temperatures in the mid-70s and a strong chance of storms Monday and Tuesday followed by cooler weather, stronger winds and more severe storms as the warm front leaves Wednesday.

There is a chance for tornadoes Wednesday when the departing warm front encounters a new cold front pouring in from Canada, said Robert Garcia, National Weather Service meteorologist.

By Thanksgiving Thursday, a huge mass of cold air behind the front will slam into Manatee County, thoroughly drying things out but driving the mercury down to the 40s on Thanksgiving morning and permitting highs only to the 60s for Thanksgiving afternoon, said Diane Kacmarik, Bay News 9 meteorologist. Temps will dip down to the 40s over Thanksgiving night, Kacmarik added.

“Thanksgiving Day will be in the 40s due to that cold air behind the cold front, but it looks dry,” Kacmarik said. “The cold will continue Thursday night. Those Black Friday shoppers better have down sleeping bags if they are camping overnight in front of stores. They will wake up to the 40s on Friday.” Black Friday will warm to a high of 68 in the afternoon as the cold front dissipates, Kacmarik said.

By the weekend, temps will return to a normal Manatee autumn with mornings in the mid to upper 50s and afternoons in the mid to upper 70s, Garcia said. “Between now and then, it will be a little bit of everything,” Kacmarik said Sunday.

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