Domestic violence prevention should be a priority

November 24, 2013 

In the recent article published by the Bradenton Herald titled, "Manatee sheriff domestic violence operation makes 153 arrests," the success of the statewide program for helping end domestic violence was reported on.

The article quoted Dave Bristow responding to the program, saying, "It is something that will bring attention to domestic violence and let people know that it will not be tolerated." However, my question is how is this program helping the victims of domestic violence that do not notify the authorities about their abuser?

It has been proven multiple times that most cases of domestic violence go undocumented.

Although Florida's statewide operation for domestic violence is helping victims, it fails to reach many victims who are so afraid of the power of their abuser that they do not contact law enforcement officers.

I think Florida should focus on educating and advocating for domestic violence in order to reach more victims and potentially end domestic violence within the state. This approach to domestic violence would provide relief for current victims as well as educate the general public so that domestic violence can be prevented.

Emily Cunningham

Champaign, Ill.

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