Legalization of marijuana brings control concerns

November 24, 2013 

The legalization of marijuana has occurred in several areas of the United States. More people are calling marijuana a minor drug that produces euphoria and a feeling of wellness, not a dangerous narcotic.

Those who favor legalizing marijuana point out that jail cells are being occupied by people who have used or grown cannabis and should be legalized to enable the government to cash in on new taxes and the redirection of law enforcement to other crime areas.

I have never been a smoker of tobacco products and I do not know what smoking a joint is all about. Entertainers and people from all levels of life have done it for years and view it as a social exchange.

Tobacco products are harmful to your health, and that is a proven fact. Is smoking marijuana harmful?

Does it cause the same illnesses, cancers of the lung, throat, etc. that have caused a label to be put on all tobacco products, "DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH?"

It has been advised for years that you should not smoke when pregnant or around young children. If you are a tobacco smoker today you are relegated to do the deed in areas away from other people. How will marijuana fit into this time-out break?

Using cannabis in medicinal preparations can relieve severe symptoms of glaucoma and in the aftermath of cancer and other serious illnesses. It can be smoked or taken as an oral medication. Should it be legalized? Can it be controlled?

Dolores A. Sauer


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