Seniors should consider voting for a third party

November 23, 2013 

Being no great fan of the Republicans for the last five years (I have voted for both parties), I am starting to wonder if the Democrats are any different.

The so-called "true" conservatives like to call any Republican in their ranks RINOs (Republican In Name Only) who dare deviate from their extremist stance to actually compromise for the good of the whole country, not just for their wealthy campaign contributors.

Maybe we should call those Democrats who are starting to sound like Republicans DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) since they are now willing to throw the middle-class seniors under the bus to achieve deficit reduction while protecting wealthy special interests.

It seems that both sides are willing to cut Social Security, Medicare and other domestic programs to achieve their aim of deficit reduction on the backs of those who worked to pay into it and are the least able to absorb the reductions.

The Republicans have become a joke since, for the last five years, they have not been able to run a campaign on their successes, just only on other people's failures, be they real or fabricated.

The Democrats don't have any room for celebration either with their dismal record!

Maybe it is time for a third party that will represent all the people. Seniors should seriously think about it before the next election since they are the most reliable voting bloc.

William E. Moore


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