Obamacare a sign of need for freedom of choice

November 21, 2013 

In his Nov. 14 letter D. Merrill Adams, a retired attorney, pointed out possible legal problems the IRS may face collecting Obamacare fines.

Succinctly stated, enforcement of Obamacare (collecting fines) and federal tax collection will simultaneously be overseen by the IRS but have different punishment and fine collection parameters even though the Supreme Court recently ruled that an Obamacare penalty is a tax (as income tax is a tax).

Merrill Adams (my brother) has a comprehensive knowledge of constitutional law and has expertly challenged the constitutionality of Obamacare with his personal opinions. However, one does not need a law degree to realize the obvious individual rights' infringements by the mandates of the health care law. Further, the bungled implementation of the law and constant confusion it has caused is blatant. The health care law simply needs to be scrapped.

I have never been a conspiracy theorist and in the past considered folk expressing such views as paranoid. But any reasonable thinking man is aware of the blatantly obvious direction the current liberal presidential administration is pointed.

There are many actions of the present administration that point away from rudimental capitalism. Herald letter-size restrictions prohibit me from a comprehensive discussion here. However, just Obamacare, which in principal closely resembles socialized medicine, along with the liberal administration's desire to tax the rich to benefit lower income citizens, are both socialistic concepts by nature.

It is a fact that any form of socialism will not work in a free market economy. World history tells us that such an attempt to "blend" the two will only have the consequence of deteriorating a government into a totalitarian state.

In my opinion (and multitudes more), if we want to restore and maintain a healthy economy and nation it is imperative to install a conservative administration on Capitol Hill that supports a pure free-market economy and respects individual freedom of choice the way it was intended by the original contractors of the Constitution of the United States.

J. Larry Adams


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