Obama turn on health care shows law's weakness

November 20, 2013 

The federal government promised us that our insurance policies were not at risk, that all of our policies were not in the crosshairs and that we need do nothing as long as we already had insurance. Now, somehow, the president says that the 5 million people who have already had their policies cancelled can keep them for one more year. What?

1. The president does not make the laws, he makes sure they are enforced. Congress must change the laws.

2. This new promise, even if he had the power to do it legally, in no way matches up with the promises already made and broken.

3. This only covers people who have individual policies and only until after the next elections.

4. The insurance companies paid a lot of money and spent a lot of time doing what the president said they HAD to do because their policies were "substandard" and now the president says they should spend a lot more money to give people those "substandard" policies back -- for one more year. Really?

5.The business insurance policies will still have to meet the new standards, even if the mandate has been delayed for a year.

This horrible scenario is going to happen all over again after the next elections. What is the president thinking?

Kristen Bechdolt


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