Manatee County school district probe flawed

November 19, 2013 

I have struggled with my inner self whether to write this letter or not. But it is a burden on my heart and I must give my opinion.

I have read the entire Manatee County school district investigative report on Mrs. Debra Horne, Mr. Scott Martin, and Mr. Matt Kane, Mr. Greg Faller and Mr. Bob Gagnon. I cannot say that they are guilty or not guilty.

But I will say that the investigation done by Mr. Troy Pumphrey leaves little doubt as to his biases. In my days of doing fire investigations we were taught to investigate with an open mind as it is a fact-finding mission. Mr. Pomeroy did not do that; he did what is called a prosecutorial investigation.

When you do this type of investigation you are saying you are guilty and I will do everything in my power to prove it. His investigation was driven by instructions as to what to do. Somewhat like a prosecutor who believes you are guilty and will do everything in their power to get you.

I ask the board to please read the entire report with an open mind. This school board should in no way use this investigation to suspend or fire any of those employees.

Gene Gallo


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