Tea Party extremism hypocritical, arrogant

November 19, 2013 

Mr. Roland Freeman's response to my last letter was, as he put it, "precisely what one would expect," this time, though, from the Tea Party.

In their self-righteous, arrogant, narrow-minded way, it appears that the Tea Party's response to anyone who isn't one of their followers is either a label of socialist or communist. I am neither.

I consider myself moderate in my beliefs and views, unlike the Tea Party who thinks anyone who doesn't bend to their will isn't a patriot and is un-American. I find that view hogwash.

In my case, I am a Vietnam combat veteran and a military retiree. In over 20 years of service I wore my uniform and performed my duties with pride as an American. To insinuate differently, to refer to others with insulting labels, accuse others without any facts and to obstruct women and voters is, in fact, in my view, un-American.

Also, I find it so hypocritical that the Tea Party claims they want less intrusive government and yet in Tea Party-controlled state governments laws are passed doing just that in regards to women's health and voting rights.

For the Tea Party to stay viable and be taken seriously, they need to realize that governance contains compromise, truth, that all people are important and not by the jackboot.

Lastly, instead of, as Mr. Freeman says, "God bless the Tea Party," I say God bless America.

Thomas Steveley

Bradenton Beach

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