Japanese nuclear disaster still plaguing environment

November 19, 2013 

The world at large is not being informed about the continuing nuclear disaster which is now happening in Japan. Ever since Japan's nuclear tragedy at the Fukishima plant over two years ago, radiation has been escaping from the ruins.

International authorities repeatedly warn the non-listening and unconcerned world while Japan works feverishly to save face. The Japanese government, at this moment, is doing its best to downplay the dangers of this tragedy by creating laws to prevent the Japanese people from even speaking about Fukishima.

The Pacific Ocean is being more and more contaminated by wastewater from the cooling down process being used to cover spent fuel rods. This process goes on continually. There is no end in sight and hundreds of tons of contaminated water are being dumped daily into the Pacific Ocean.

Untold numbers of workers at the plant have already died and like numbers are suffering from cancers of every description. Thousands of Japanese have developed unexplained nosebleeds. There is no treatment, no cure, no way to stop these nosebleeds.

Japan has been awarded an upcoming Olympic Games and continues to act as if everything is normal and they have everything under control. Meanwhile South Korea and China have forbidden the importing of all types of fish from Japan along with many other commercial imports.

This is not just a Japanese problem. These nuclear plants are spread all over the world. There are other ways to produce electricity that are much more sensible than this.

Thomas M. Craig


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