Take Stock in Children Manatee grateful to community

November 18, 2013 

Take Stock in Children Manatee provides scholarships to Manatee County students. These students are often the first in their family to graduate high school and almost always the first to attend college.

Our young scholars are able to do this after a rigorous application process, an encouraging mentor assigned to each student, involved Manatee school personnel, motivated and committed students and a responsive community willing to invest with us.

Take Stock in Children Manatee has a 96 percent high school graduation rate of students selected for the program. Take Stock in Children Manatee is a success, and we strive to support as many students as we can. We are able to financially support 10 percent of the qualified applications we receive.

Every scholarship we fund is matched dollar for dollar by the Florida Prepaid College Foundation investor Stanley Tate. We have mentors ready to support these scholars and all we need are more donors.

Take Stock in Children Manatee wants to thank everyone in the community who has shared a part in our success. Especially at this time of the year, we are thankful to all who have supported us by mentoring, a vital component of the program's success. We are also very thankful to those who have and will support us financially. We can't support these motivated students and families without everyone's help. It takes a village to raise a child, and we are all a part of that nurturing village.

As families come together in the next few weeks, please accept the thanks and gratitude of Take Stock in Children Manatee for helping us change the lives of students and their families.

If you want to learn more, www.takestockmanatee.com

Elaine Graham, Chair, Take Stock in Children ManateeBradenton

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