Obamacare's deep flaws prove need for new system

November 18, 2013 

I enjoy reading the letters to the editor; however, the one from Myra Jones must be rebutted.

First: We must remember what Nancy Pelosi and friends said, "Just pass this health care bill and we will fix it later." (Oops!)

Second: The people were told that they could shop first, then choose a plan; that's not happening. (When was the last time, if any, where people actually read their own health care plan, nevertheless be able to read and understand it or compare it to multiple companies' complex plans?)

Third: This plan's success depends on healthy young people signing up first; then at the same time this plan also allows them to stay on their current family plan till the age of 26. (Now there is a washout of funding!)

Fourth: What about the lack of access to the website?

Fifth: Where are the so-called "savings?" Most people are saying that their cost is actually going to be higher!

Sixth: What about the people who are losing their jobs because their employer/business can't afford it either?

Seventh: What is going to happen when this health care plan flops? The answer is: our country will have more people without health care than there was before this debacle started!

This health care plan, from the beginning, was never about the people, it was about hospital profits and shareholders! Yes, we need a change in the health care system but this is not it!

Robert Petty


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