FDA on wrong side of many food issues

November 16, 2013 

It is always interesting to me when the FDA targets someone or something. The human body needs sodium but not the kind that is bleached and contains anti-coagulants so it will pour. Sea salt is very tasty and very good for people. But, like anything, using to excess is not healthy. Sea salt is much more healthy than regular salt and easily attainable in health food stores.

Sugar is another target. Pure, organic cane sugar is much better than aspartame and regular sugar. Why does the FDA think it is OK to genetically modify food? That is much worse than sugar. Now they want to put GMO's in baby food.

Aspartame is in over 8,000 foods today. It is a chemical that gets in the brain and is unhealthy. Let's address that which is honestly unhealthy.

I am to the point that if the FDA approves it, I avoid it, and if they don't like it, it is probably good for you.

Pamela Lents


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