Medical marijuana would likely help aging veteran's nausea

November 15, 2013 

With regard to Mr. James Kloostra's position on legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes (Letters, "Vote down legalization of marijuana," Nov. 11), has he ever watched a person suffer from daily nausea for 13 years? I have and it is heartbreaking.

My father had a surgical procedure done which required a "rewiring" of his digestive system. While we are forever grateful that the process saved his life, it has left him with no appetite and daily nausea.

He has tried every medication possible, including the oral form of marijuana. We even talked him into trying acupuncture!

He has five doctors who believe that smoking marijuana could help, both with his appetite and nausea, but their hands are tied. They can prescribe every other narcotic but can't provide him with the marijuana.

I am a recently retired high school teacher who is not an advocate of smoking pot. I'm certain I could find access to some and, believe me, the temptation is strong!

However, what could be purchased illegally might have other ingredients which I would not trust.

What is the harm in a doctor giving my 87-year-old father a small amount to try? As a non-smoker, if it didn't help he wouldn't continue to use it. If it worked, I can guarantee you that he, nor anyone else, would be selling it!

His family has watched this wonderful, loving veteran of World War II suffer for way too long!

Nancy Acton


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