Scrap Affordable Care Act, adopt a sensible system

November 15, 2013 

The prospects for Obamacare keep getting worse. The president wants to pour in more trillions of dollars. The Democrats in Congress are pushing for delays. Americans have lost trust and confidence, and are really frightened about the future.

I am now persuaded that the answer as proposed by Stuart Varney of Fox News is to kill the Affordable Care Act. The thousands of pages of the law need to be scrapped and replaced with sensible healthcare insurance coverage, including:

• The uninsured -- every American without insurance will be offered insurance under Medicaid once they have submitted proof that they are needy.

• Pre-existing conditions -- every American who cannot access health insurance because of a pre-existing condition on the date of a new healthcare insurance law will be offered insurance under Medicaid upon submitting a doctor's letter certifying that the condition exists and the patient has been uninsurable.

The cost of these two main changes in American healthcare insurance will be a small fraction of the costs of Obamacare.

Apart from the above features, the new healthcare insurance law must rely on private enterprise with appropriate oversight. Insurance companies will be asked to reinstate all recently canceled policies.

Jack Wilson

Longboat Key

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