Property assessment shows need for new tax revolution

November 14, 2013 

Like many of you, I recently received my property tax bill on my $131,000 home. My bill consisted of 36.1 percent for the Board of County Commissioners and 49.9 percent for the School Board of Manatee County -- and I don't have children in the school system!

I am outraged that it will be necessary for me to umpire the equivalent of 85 Little League baseball games in order to pay my property tax bill.

Whatever happened to home ownership and being able to put away something for a rainy day?

We never own our own homes because we are slaves to a government system that desires all our money and assets. Don't you think it is time for another American tax revolution?

Now I wonder how many games it will be necessary for me to umpire to get that fantastic Obamacare coverage?

Anthony Tiona


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