11/11 Gallery | A llama makes its home at Palmetto school

pvidela@bradenton.comNovember 11, 2013 

Katelyn Dumas, left, and Callie Van Wormer pause to let the school's first pair of llamas nibble on a delicious oak tree as they go for a walk around the Lincoln Middle School campus in Palmetto. Lincoln's FFA program was recently rated among the top five middle school agriscience and FFA programs in the country. Students sign up in shifts to help take care of the school's roster of animals, which also includes three pigs, four rabbits, a couple dozen chickens, a rooster, two turkeys and oodles of tilapia in an above-ground tank. In addition to the caring for these two sprightly llamas named Tweekie, left, and Butterscotch, Katelyn and Callie said they are excited to help care for the school's new dairy calves. The calves will arrive around Thanksgiving, by which time the two turkeys may begin to show signs of nervousness.

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Lincoln Middle School in Palmetto is home to a llama.

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