Florida voters should reject marijuana legalization

November 11, 2013 

I have read with interest recent articles in the Bradenton Herald regarding efforts by certain persons to legalize marijuana. As a retired law enforcement officer of nearly 30 years, I can attest to doing this as dangerous and ill-conceived.

Some people may have sympathy for persons with illnesses who contend that only smoking marijuana helps their medical condition. I would ask these people whether they have ever seen a person under the influence of this drug?

I have. It is not a pretty sight, especially when they mix alcohol with it. Also, what is to prevent a person under the influence of marijuana from driving a car?

We have enough deaths and injuries caused by persons under the influence of alcohol in this state. We don't need another "legal" drug to be misused by drivers to add to deaths and injuries caused by automobile crashes.

I would encourage anyone who thinks legalizing even small amounts of this drug to check the facts. The use of marijuana often leads to the use of stronger drugs. The use and addiction of stronger drugs often leads to crimes to support the continued habit.

Would it be OK with you if your airplane pilot used marijuana prior to your flight taking off? How about your doctor?

Wake up, people. For the sake of all of us, do not let the pressure of a few dictate what is a clear danger to the safety and welfare of us all.

Should you have a chance to vote on this issue, vote "no" to legalizing marijuana in any amount.

James Kloostra


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