Medicare funds stolen by morally bankrupt politicians

November 11, 2013 

If I am correct, Medicare is not an entitlement. It is an insurance policy fund administered and guaranteed in good faith by the government of the United States of America as a safety net for retired American workers who contributed a portion of their earnings through their working years in anticipation of a secured medical protection.

Whomever contributed into that fund are the sole beneficiaries. Period!

I would like to know how many times this Medicare fund has been raided through the years? And what were the total amounts? And who were the thieves and for what reason? If borrowed, then who owes it to the fund and what are the terms of payback? And when?

How is it possible that a bunch of politicians have the right to raid and steal the assets of Medicare, at any whim that they see fit, to a state of bankruptcy? No one is above the law in this democracy and theft is a crime regardless of whomever committed it. Even our esteemed elected officials!

Seems to me that a gang has raided a government insurance company, and that it is a felony to be a gang member and whomever has stolen such monies should come under the RECO act.

Isn't it convenient that our elected officials can concoct laws that exclude themselves and employees from any laws that they dictate to the general public and grant themselves benefits above and beyond reason. Like free college education for their children and exclusive health care for their families. Just to name a few.

Gary Swerdlow


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